A traditional Chinese medicine based on the same principle as Acupuncture .it involves placing physical pressure, by hand , elbow, or with the aid of various devices, on different pressure points on the surface  of the body to bring about relief through balance of life energy (Qi) and increasing circulation of fluids in the is effective to relieve pain, reduce tension in muscles , improve circulation and promote deep states of relaxation.


CONSULATION                   30 min


We offer wellness and lifestyle consultations for those clients who are looking for a better understanding of which services or treatments would best suit them in supporting their well- being. Purpose of the Wellness consultation is to teach you more about your health from a holistic perspective. Balance in mind, body, and spirit are important to overall wellness. Proper food, right exercise. sufficient rest and the right combination of holistic treatments leads each person to physical, mental, and emotional well –being. A complete range of holistic treatments is available at Bliss Spa, each addressing a specific need of individual in all aspect of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

***Above rate is exclusive of 5% Government Tax